We’ve been waiting for you! It’s true because we believe that every person who comes into this special fellowship was sent by God Himself. It’s not by accident that you have come to this Website. God has marvelously foreordained this moment in your life. So, above all else we want to express Christ’s love toward you with genuine heartfelt warmth. We’re eager to get to meet you, and we are excited to share with you the marvelous ways God’s Spirit has been moving in our lives and our Church.
 It won’t take long for you to discover that this is truly a family, rich in the Love of God that has been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit through His Son Jesus Christ. Growing together, we worship, we serve, we learn, we cry, we laugh, we love, we live, and most importantly we believe Christ and Him Crucified. We so graciously reach out to a hurt and lost world with this life-transforming Truth. A Truth that will Save the Sinner, deliver the captives, recover the sight to the blind, heal the sick, and set at liberty them that are bruised. The Preaching of the Cross is to them who perish foolishness; but unto us which are Saved it is the Power of God. (1Cor. 1:18) So if you’re looking for a place that you belong, these doors are always open to you.
    So again we say ………

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